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successive " policies" and " Plans" of the
Russian experiment. Americans shirk the word
<c socialism ", but what else can one call it ?
The British oligarchy, demoralised and slack
with the accumulated wealth of a century of
advantage, bought off social upheaval for a tims
by the deliberate and socially demoralising
appeasement of the dole. It has made no ade-
quate effort to employ or educate these surplus
people ; it has just pushed the dole at them.
It even tries to buy off the leader of the Labour
Party with a salary of £2000 a year. Whatever
we may think of the quality and deeds of the Nazi
or Fascist regimes or the follies of their leaders,
we must at any rate concede that they attempt,
however clumsily, to reconstruct life in a collecti-
*vist direction. They are efforts to adjust and
Construct and so far they are in advance of the
'British ruling class. The British Empire has
shown itself the least constructive of all governing
\networks. It produces no New Deals, no Five
Wear Plans ; it keeps on trying to stave off its
inevitable dissolution and carry on upon the old
lines—and apparently it will do that until it has
nothing more to give away.
cc Peace in our time", that foolishly premature
self-congratulation of Mr Chamberlain, is mani-
festly the guiding principle of the British elder